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Rockford IL Family Law Blog

Illinois parents face many child support challenges

There are many parents in Illinois who have children with a person from whom they are divorced or were never married to in the first place. In these situations child support becomes an issue. It is in the best interest of the child to have parents paying child support to ensure that their financial needs are being met. When child support is not being paid it is the child who often suffers the most.

Child support in Illinois is determined by using the child support guidelines, which were previously discussed on our blog. These guidelines can be complicated and there are many variables. However, ultimately based on the values assigned to a formula, the amount of child support can be estimated.

Grandparent visitation rights to grandchild in Illinois

There are many grandparents in Illinois who have grandchildren, but their own child is no longer married to or in a relationship with the other parent. All too often, the grandparent may not have a good relationship with the other parent, who then will no longer allow the grandparent to see the child. Other times, grandparents may have issues with their own child, who, in turn, no longer allows them to see their grandchild. This can be very difficult for grandparents who have historically established a good relationship with the grandchild.

Grandparents in this situation may have a right to establish parenting time with the grandchild through the courts. In order for this to occur, Illinois law sets certain conditions that must be met. First, one of the parents must be unreasonably denying the grandparent visitation with the grandchild.

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey possibly heading toward divorce

Illinois fans of Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey may be aware that divorce rumors have surrounded this couple for a while. Canon even recently admitted that they both live in separate houses and sources say that divorce is very likely. They have been separated since May. The couple has 3-year-old twins and Cannon and Carey have reportedly been working out a custody arrangement and property settlement. The couple married in 2008.

The end of a marriage can be a very emotional time for the people involved. There are various reasons people get divorced, but generally neither party is happy with the other one, which can make the divorce process difficult. Despite the ill will they may have towards each other, there are still many issues that must be resolved during a divorce.

Father with history of domestic violence kidnaps children

Unfortunately many people in Illinois are personally familiar with domestic violence. Many people are either the victim of domestic abuse or they may have a relative or friend who has been the victim of domestic abuse. They have either experienced or witnessed the devastation that domestic violence can cause. It can have effect on not only the direct victim, but to the entire family, especially if the couple has children together.

One father in Illinois, who is no stranger to domestic violence, was recently arrested after kidnapping his children. The father is currently on parole after serving jail sentences for felony domestic battery charges and aggravated battery charges. There were also two warrants out for him at the time of his arrest, both of which included domestic battery charges, among many others. Luckily the children were unharmed and found shortly after the father kidnapped them. A relative brought the children to the Department of Children and Family Services building in their town.

Sherri Shepherd's surrogate due as custody dispute continues

Illinois residents who are fans of the popular television show "The View" may know that Sherri Shepherd is having a child via surrogacy. They may also know that she is no longer with the father. The surrogate is due to give birth to the child, but the couple is currently going through a divorce and they have not determined who will have custody of the child. Shepherd's husband is seeking sole legal and physical custody of the child, and Shepherd's position is not known.

There are many people going through divorces in Illinois who have children. Among the numerous issues that they will have to deal with, one of the most important ones will be child custody. This can also be one of the more contentious issues, as many times both parents want to be involved in their children's lives as much as possible.

How to calculate a child support obligation

Many people in Illinois have a child support obligation. Child support may be ordered any time that two people have a child together and they are either divorced or were never married in the first place. Child support orders can issue in these situations because the state wants to ensure that the child's financial needs are being met by both parents. Generally, the non-custodial parent will owe the custodial parent child support.

The amount of child support contained within an order is determined by state statutes, which establish guidelines that must be followed. In Illinois, child support is based on the number of children that a non-custodial parent has and the non-custodial parent's net income. Under Illinois' Child Support Guidelines, a certain percentage of a parent's net income will go to child support, depending on the number of children that a parent has. For a support order involving only one child, 20% of a parent's income will go to child support and that percentage increases for each additional child involved in the child support order. A parent's net income consists of all income from all sources, minus a number of potential deductions such as taxes, health and dental insurance premiums, union dues and others.

Adopted child flourishes with new family

Many families in Illinois adopt children for various reasons. Adoption is a unique area of family law that can allow children to become a part of a loving family. Many times, families adopt children who are given up for adoption by the birth parent. Other times, the children are taken away from the biological parents by the state, if the parents are no longer capable of caring for the child. In either instance, it can give the child a chance at being a part of a stable and loving family.

This was the case for one child who was adopted by a family when he was six-years-old. He was three-years-old when he was removed from his parents' home and placed in a foster home until he was adopted. He never took the opportunity for granted and became a very good high school athlete. The family has also adopted six other children over the years and has two foster children as well. The family believes that it is important for them to never say no to a child in need of a home, and the adopted children have done well, as a result.

Invalidating Pre-Nuptial Agreements: It's possible!

Prenuptial agreements are often recommended by attorneys as an excellent way to protect oneself in the event of a divorce. However, it is important to understand that prenuptial agreements may be subject to invalidation if the terms are found to be unconscionable. Prenuptial agreements are not indestructible. Knowing the law surrounding the validity of a prenuptial agreement is recommended for those preparing to enter into a prenuptial agreement as well as for those seeking to find a way out of the agreement.

I only have my kids on the weekends - May I take them on vacation over summer break?

With the end of summer break drawing near, now is a popular time for families to take one last vacation together before school starts. Vacationing can be a complicated event for families who have gone through a divorce, and parents must follow certain rules in order to maintain harmony between each other and respect custody/visitation arrangements. Vacation is no longer as easy as loading up the kids in car and leaving whenever you so desire. A parent must now be mindful of the child's other parent's wishes before choosing to take their child on vacation. The following recommendations should be considered before a divorced parent chooses to take his/her child on vacation.

Divorce parties are becoming increasingly popular in Illinois

Over the years more and more people have decided to get divorced in Illinois. The divorce rate has increased significantly over the last 50 years and the process has now become quite common. Most states now have no-fault divorces, meaning that a person does not have to have a reason to get divorced beyond the fact that they no longer get along with each other. In fact, only one of the spouses can want the divorce in order for one to be granted. As divorce has become more common, the perception surrounding it has also changed.

Even 30 years ago people still viewed divorce as a bad thing. It was seen as a time of sadness and even devastation. However, that perception has changed fairly recently and people are now even celebrating the dissolution of their marriages with divorce parties. Party planners around the nation are scheduling more and more of these parties. They are generally joyous occasions celebrating the person's future as opposed to dwelling on the perhaps less-than-stellar past they had during their marriage. Bakeries are also doing many more divorce cakes as well.